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Restaurant Tim Raue


At the Restaurant Tim Raue, Asian-inspired cuisine are served that can be characterised as a blend of Japanese product perfection, Thai aromas, and Chinese culinary philosophy. For this reason, the restaurant does not serve side dishes such as bread, noodles, or rice, nor is white sugar used and the kitchen also only works with lactose-free dairy products.

The use of animal products is one of the cornerstones of the culinary philosophy. Nearly all the dishes contain animal products, which provide the unique variety of flavours. Vegetarian alternatives are of course available but cannot offer vegan guests the same taste experience.

The restaurant offers a deliberately simple ambience influenced by the urban atmosphere of Berlin. By harmoniously combining past and present, the interior also reflects the career of Tim Raue, who grew up in Kreuzberg: a floor made of cast asphalt, classic gallery lighting, and furniture that looks like museum exhibits maintain the character of the former Crone gallery and thereby embody the rough character of the Kreuzberg district of Berlin.

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