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Marketing Advantages

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The Haute Grandeur Excellence Awards offer restaurant teams the opportunity to excel in a highly competitive industry

The restaurant receives a permanent unique member profile making it possible to manage its own information complete with history on results and press related matters

Winning the Haute Grandeur Global Restaurant Awards provides extra credibility, encourage awareness & increase bookings

Feature in the Haute Grandeur, Best in Restaurants Magazine in the form of advertisements, interviews and write-ups throughout the membership year;

Member Restaurants share in Marketing Tools in order to assist with promoting their member status;

Participating Spas can use the Haute Grandeur Global Restaurant AwardsTM feedback form to ensure that they keep abreast of changing client requests and responses

This Award is evidence of high quality as only top restaurants are allowed to be considered

Gaining valuable local and global exposure

Having the opportunity to compete on an international level to receive the highly acclaimed Haute Grandeur Global Excellence Award

Your restaurant will be part of a group of esteemed properties that would be regarded as the best of the best

Being a Haute Grandeur Restaurant member/participant will encourage staff morale & offer the opportunity of the entire staff compliment to work towards winning the industry’s ultimate Restaurant Award

To gain from valuable marketing tools that we share with our members that will have a significant influence on guest perception

The restaurant will be instantly listed with a personalised profile on the Haute Grandeur official Global Restaurant Page listing the best restaurants around the globe

Potentially receiving the industries most coveted Award including a Certificate, Trophy, Marketing Badges & tools to encourage the result