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  • Only restaurants & restaurant groups may register to participate in the Haute Grandeur Global Restaurant Awards
  • Once registered a restaurant may not cancel its registration
  • An invitation to register have a limited registration period of 14 days
  • Restaurants can participate in an unlimited number of categories with no additional charge attached. Please select the most suitable categories that best fit the restaurant’s profile.
  • 10 High Res & 10 Low Res JPEG photographs should be submitted to accompany a successful registration
  • A Restaurant may announce its inclusion as a Haute Grandeur member and proceed with a marketing campaign from the day of registration.
  • Participants will prequalify to participate in the following year
  • We advise spas to utilize marketing logos in order to maximize exposure
  • Once results are announced Winner badges should be implemented by the hotel to encourage awareness
  • Registrations will only be regarded as successful once a copy of the proof of payment has been provided via email to
  • Provide additional information should a category be chosen such as “Best Restaurant Chef” in this instance we would require a resume to accompany the registration
  • Photographs and descriptions submitted as part of a registration will become the property of the Haute Grandeur Global Restaurant Awards. Refer to Terms & Conditions.
  • Guests & restaurant industry professionals may participate in the annual rating process
  • To encourage restaurant guests to participate in the annual rating process, restaurants are encouraged to implement their Rating Badges in their email signatures and on their website to encourage awareness during the rating period.
  • Nominator details would not be disclosed to the public due to security reasons
  • Site Visit vouchers should accompany annual registrations and should include a 3 course meal complete with drinks for 2 persons to experience the restaurant.