About Haute Grandeur Global Restaurant Awards


The Haute Grandeur Global restaurant Awards celebrate the global restaurant industry with accolades including the Top Restaurants, Chef of the Year, Restaurant of the Year, and Service Excellence Awards.


The Awards inspires excellence and ignites healthy competition in the Luxury Restaurant Industry. Winning a Haute Grandeur Excellence Award in the restaurant industry will be based on outstanding culinary experiences, service, presentation, ambience and setting. Winning the Haute Grandeur Excellence Award will ensure great exposure on a large scale essentially promoting the outstanding achievement that will result in more guests wanting to visit the restaurant.


Haute Grandeur Global Restaurant Awards encourage healthy competition in a fast paced industry where achievements attract clientele. The Award ensure that restaurants will aspire to deliver even greater experiences & ultimately raise awareness of the importance of an overall outstanding restaurant experience that would be value for money.


This Award is evidence of high quality as only top restaurants are allowed to be considered.

Gaining valuable local and global exposure

Having the opportunity to compete on an international level to receive the highly acclaimed Haute Grandeur Global Excellence Award

Your restaurant will be part of a group of esteemed properties that would be regarded as the best of the best

Being a Haute Grandeur Restaurant member property will encourage staff morale & offer the opportunity of the entire staff compliment to work towards winning the industry’s ultimate Restaurant Award.

To gain from valuable marketing tools that we share with our members that will have a significant influence on guest perception.

The restaurant will be instantly listed with a personalised profile on the Haute Grandeur official Global Restaurant Page listing the best restaurants around the globe.

Potentially receiving the industries most coveted Award including a Certificate, Trophy, Marketing Badges & tools to encourage the result.

The Haute Grandeur Global Restaurant AwardsTM provide restaurant-goers with a trusted source of Award winning Restaurants to choose from when booking their restaurant visits, knowing that our winners have been hand-picked and rewarded for overall excellence.

For the Restaurant industry winning a Haute Grandeur Global Restaurant Award is more than an Award it provides the public with a golden stamp of guaranteed excellence.


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