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Brussels, Belgium

Beiruti is a restaurant located in the city center of Brussels. It is a place where guests can have a unique and authentic Lebanese experience, not only with the food but with the atmosphere, the music and the decor as well. A walk in Beiruti equals a flight to Lebanon. The restaurant has a multitude of options to everyones preference. Plenty of vegan and vegetarian options are available next to the classics of the Lebanese kitchen. Furthermore the restaurant is not only inclusive in the food that they offer, another one of the pillars is inclusivity in the personnel, and the guests. Everybody is welcome since they want to give as much people as possible a taste of what Beiruti has to offer. The passionate servers are always happy to help visitors to decide which dishes would suit them best, with a smile. The restaurant believe they are the best Lebanese restaurant in the whole of Belgium and can prove it. In short, what they offer is the Real Lebanese serving real Lebanese food in a European setting.

|T| +32 477 88 07 43
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