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The Restaurant at SALT of Palmar

Quatre Cocos, Mauritius

Food is the heart and soul of any place, and more than any other part of the SALT of Palmar experience, the restaurant depicts the flavours of Mauritius. The food philosophy at the restaurant is fresh, local, homemade, home‐grown, seasonal and zero‐waste. Say Bye-bye buffet, and welcome à la Carte. This is fresh, local, and tasty. The restaurant knows the farmers, fishermen, and growers by name. But, here, the ingredients are the stars. In the kitchen, they look to simple, ancient cooking methods.

The wok, the tandoor oven and the charcoal grill are their trinity, and they smoke anything and everything to release and enhance flavour. They marinate for hours and slow-cook over wood overnight. For the dishes, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Mauritian flavours all play a part, but will not be pinned down by fixed menus.

Locals designed, built, and furnished SALT. The restaurant is a vibrant, joyful place designed by an artist who believes that colour is equal to happiness. Inspired by the island’s upbeat vibe, The Restaurant pops with energy and colours.

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