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Gavi Restaurant

Kraków, Poland

Gavi Restaurant is governed by sophisticated taste and exquisite food, which can delight all the senses. The restaurant’s refined interiors, full of golden shades and chic accessories, invite guests to take part in an exceptional culinary tour, indulging in fine dining. Refined and aromatic dishes, prepared by the best chefs, will conquer the Guests’ hearts and palates.

The staff cherish the products of the highest quality, so they cooperate closely with local suppliers. Therefore, the menu is transformed with the seasons and it always results in an outstanding, harmonised mixture of flavours. A great selection of wine from all around the world will delight even the most demanding connoisseurs. The restaurant is perfect for everybody who wants to enjoy their time and meals with families or friends. Textures, scents and colours make every visit in the Gavi Restaurant a remarkable experience.

|T| 48 (12) 424 11 11
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